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Level Up Your At-Home Oral Care Routine

I moved to America over two years ago, but I travel back to Thailand about 3-4 times a year to take care of my spa business. Going back home allows me to see my family & friends and eat authentic Thai food, too, of course.  But I also schedule regular health and dental check-ups. Because I go back to Thailand that often, I never tried to find a dentist here in America, not even for basic cleanings. 


Like everyone, I have been so disappointed by the fact that the world could get hit by a pandemic like this.  For a country like Thailand, they have closed their borders to nearly all foreign visitors, as have many other countries.  But as a Thai citizen, I would still have to quarantine for 14 days in hotel – not fun!  I never imagined having to be apart from my family this long, as it’s now been almost a year since I last traveled back to Thailand. During the lockdown, I have tried to find a dentist that accepts new patients, but that has not been easy. While waiting to find a new dentist close to my home here in the US, I did some research about an electric toothbrush. I know a normal toothbrush will not help deep cleaning my teeth the same as a hygienist does. 


Before the pandemic, my husband had actually found a new dentist nearby where we live.  During his first cleaning, his dentist strongly recommended he start using an Oral-B electric toothbrush.  He bought one not long after, and has been amazed at the difference using his Oral-B electric toothbrush compared to regular brushing.  


As I started to do my own research for a good electric toothbrush, I came across some really good tips from a famous cosmetic and general dentist, Dr. Bill Dorfman, whose clients include celebrities and Hollywood stars.  


“While regular trips to the dentist are still as important as ever, it’s also essential to take care of your oral health every day”, Dr. Bill Dorfman      


Among the many tips on dental hygiene from Dr. Dorfman, these were the ones that I felt were most helpful: 

Use the best tools. An electric toothbrush has the power you need for optimal brushing results and has been proven to be far more effective than regular manual toothbrushes. An option like the new Oral-B iO  is a game-changing, completely reimagined and redesigned rechargeable toothbrush that offers a professional-clean feeling every time you brush. Its advanced features, like AI recognition and micro-vibrating bristles, ensure you reach all areas of your mouth and provide a deeper cleaning of teeth and gum as proven in clinical tests.


Make it a daily routine, times two (at least). Chasing away morning breath makes it easy for most people to remember to brush in the morning, but a nighttime brush is equally as important because it dislodges food debris that has accumulated throughout the day. Getting rid of the excess reduces bacteria buildup overnight. It’s also a good idea to brush during the day if you eat or drink acidic foods and beverages that can be harmful to your enamel.


Be thorough, yet gentle. The outer surfaces of your teeth may be most visible when you flash a grin, but the inside and top surfaces need brushing attention, too. And while you focus on reaching every nook and cranny, be wary of brushing too hard. Excess pressure can cause serious damage to your mouth and lead to gum recession. Spend two full minutes each time you brush, methodically focusing on different regions of your mouth with an appropriate amount of pressure to ensure an all-around clean.


Combat contamination. Store your brush away from others so you don’t share bacteria. Also prevent mold and bacteria growth by never keeping your brush in an enclosed holder or case. Allow your brush to air dry between uses. Also watch for bristles to break down, as this is a signal your brush is no longer effectively cleaning, and you need a replacement head or new brush.


Go beyond brushing. Make flossing part of your daily routine by using floss gently between each tooth individually and rubbing against each tooth at the gum line to loosen plaque and debris. Also be aware of signs you need to visit the dentist. Schedule a visit promptly if you notice redness or tenderness in your gums, experience pain or sensitivity to temperature changes or have other unusual symptoms that cause discomfort.


After reviewing lots of options for an electric toothbrush, I finally settled on the Oral-B iO and WOW what a game-changer for me!  The Oral-B iO has so many cool features that I love:

  • Smart Pressure Sensor: It helps to keep me from not brushing my teeth too hard, so it protects my gums and enamel. If I brush with the right pressure, the green light will come up – good job, Rin!  If it lights up in red that means it reminds you to reduce the pressure. And if the white light comes up, that means I do not put enough pressure on my teeth. Smart isn’t it? ?
  • Smart Display with Personalized Brushing Modes: There are a total of 7 brush modes, language setting, and reminders to change the brush head. I love the whitening and daily clean mode the most! A smiley face welcomes you when you turn the toothbrush on, and a sad face if you do not brush your teeth for more than 2 minutes, which I think is a great reminder! With a normal toothbrush, I never time myself. Two minutes of brushing with a normal toothbrush can feel so long, but not with the Oral-B iO.
  • Ultimate Clean Brush Head: It combines powerful, but gentle micro-vibrations with its unique dentist-inspired round brush head design, for a “professional clean feeling”. The brush head has been redesigned with twisted bristles and reinforced with high density. The tuft and tuft elements bring together longer and thinner, inner tuft regions for effective reach in between teeth, especially behind the hard to reach teeth area. 
  • iO App: I also downloaded the Oral-B App, where the AI recognition uses an interactive display. It guides me to clean all areas, showing where my toothbrush goes to make sure I brush all areas. It also reminds me when it’s time to change the toothbrush head, so yet another smart feature in this incredible little bundle of dental technology!


The sleek design and aesthetics of the toothbrush can be a decorative piece on my bathroom vanity ? beside my matching soap dispenser and vanity tray too. There are three brush models in the iO line up, starting at $199. I have the iO8 series in black Anthracite. They also have Rose Quartz (I should get this color too!) and White Alabaster. 


This is the best electric toothbrush that I have ever tried. It will make you feel like you have had your teeth professionally cleaned every day at home. Trust me, you will say WOW from the very first time you try it! Oral-B is providing over 200 patients across America who are going through a rough time due to the pandemic (job loss, additional stress, less access to their dentist, etc.) with an iO brush of their own. The stress and anxiety of the pandemic is hard enough but it has also taken a toll on those who don’t have as easy a time to get to the dentist office. With the Oral-B iO, these patients can receive a professional clean at home 


Check out the Oral-B iO for yourself at or get it now at Oral-BiO



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